We’ve mapped a century of zoning, so you can focus on what develops next.

Our Story

Envelope spun out of a longtime collaboration between SHoP–one of the world’s most innovative architecture firms–and Sarah Williams, the Director of MIT’s Civic Data Design Lab and one of the world’s foremost GIS experts. Between 2008-2015, they undertook the herculean task of modeling the 4,000-page New York City zoning resolution into 3D software.

Since 2015, Envelope’s team of software engineers, applied mathematicians, and zoning experts have continued their work, augmenting and refining the zoning rules, and creating commercially-scalable products

Today, Envelope is a leading provider of professional zoning services, merging cutting-edge technology with deep zoning expertise. We help real estate professionals, cities, not-for-profits, community boards, brokers, appraisers, and zoning attorneys visualize and run scenarios on development potential.

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