Opportunity Visualized

Envelope combines predictive analytics with the most accurate 3D modeling to identify real estate acquisition opportunities with above-market returns.

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We develop exclusive partnerships with the world's largest real estate companies to buy property together.

Complexity becomes competitive advantage.

Our software parses hundreds of zoning rules into easy to understand 3D visualizations. From height and use mix to special districts and overlays, our technology accurately interprets even the most byzantine zoning scenarios.

Assemblage and Air Rights Analysis

We find opportunity using assemblages of adjacent lots, combining available development rights and bonuses to maximize FAR.

Urban Search

We use our Search software to find off-market acquisition opportunities across the whole city.

Accurate and Scalable Data Infrastructure

From survey-grade parcel maps to up-to-date zoning rules and air rights transactions, our data is always accurate, comprehensive, and current. Battle tested in NYC, our infrastructure is scalable to the most complex urban environments.

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